gcc42 黑客松(Hackaton):這週末 7/14-7/15

pav@ 召集的,主要是為了解決一些 port 在 gcc 4.2 版會無法編譯的問題(即將出爐的 FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE 內建 gcc 會是 4.2):

gcc42 Hackaton: This coming weekend

We decided to have a concentrated bug fixing effort, hackaton if you please, this coming weekend, July 14-15, focused on fixing as many gcc42 failures in ports tree as possible. You’re all invited to join #bsdports on EFnet and show us your patches. We will be approving fixes to other people’s ports for maintainers who neglected their own ports (maintainer overrides). There is currently a little short of 400 ports that works on 6.2 but fail on 7.0, so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to help.

如果您也有興趣的話,歡迎參加,參加辦法如上或者 send-pr(1) 也可以。
並參考 Pointyhat 上面所列出所有在 FreeBSD 7.X 會編譯不過的 ports 列表,大約有400 個

Port Aff. Size CVS Maintainer Reason Build date

找 Reason 是 gcc4 error 就可以了,當然若仍有餘力的話,也可以幫忙順便修一修其他 error 之處。 :)

要測試的話,可以使用 tinderbox或直接裝 7-CURRENT 機器也可以,
也有更簡單方式,就是裝 lang/gcc42

cd /usr/ports/lang/gcc42 ; make install clean

然後在 /etc/make.conf 設以下兩行,這樣子在編譯 port 時就會以 gcc42 來編譯


(Note: some ports do not respect these variables currently, but this is another bug that should be fixed).

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